What is a C4C membership?

Membership to Coaches 4 Change is a commitment to the relentless pursuit of equality and equity within our respective communities campuses, and our country as a whole. Coaches 4 Change was founded by college coaches from across the United States to provide a platform that engages, educates, empowers, and evolves the young voter on yesterday’s and today’s issues of social injustice, systemic racism, and the power of voting. Your membership is an extension of this commitment. 
As a member you will be expected to uphold the values and initiatives of the Coaches 4 Change organization.

Requirements to join:

The sole requirement to join is to have your ENTIRE eligible roster registered to vote via our platform within 60 days of membership.

Expectations once you join:

We understand that every coach has prior commitments to their team, campus, and family - so there are no hard and fast requirements once you join. We appreciate you lending your time, voice, and resources to one of the most important causes of our lifetimes.

Although its not required, we strongly encourage our members to:

Amplify our message.
Engage with C4C on both Twitter and Instagram - Retweet us, tag us, tweet at us, etc. Our social media accounts represent our collective voice, help us to amplify it!

Be present.
Attend as many meetings as possible - look, we know you're busy, but engaging with your fellow C4C members in meaningful conversations helps further our mission and inspires tangible change within our teams and campus communities. 


Engage in the thoughtful sharing of educational materials (books, podcasts, documentaries, news articles, etc.) online and within the Coaches 4 Change community. 

Take time to educate your team on the work and conversations you are participating in. Engage in the thoughtful sharing of educational materials (books, podcasts, documentaries, news articles, etc.) within the Coaches 4 Change community and your team culture. 

Use your network and connections to help further grow the C4C mission - if you think it can help us grow it probably can! 

We also welcome your ideas. This group is driven by your energy and that means your passions and ideas too. If you have an idea for C4C and it aligns with our mission, please share it!
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