What you'll need

Make sure you have everything listed below.

Your legal name

Believe it or not, more people get hung up here than you think. Youโ€™ll want to be sure to use your legal name, and not a shortened version or nickname.

Example: If your full name is Alexander but you go by โ€œAlexโ€, youโ€™ll want to be sure youโ€™re using your full name.

โญ๏ธ Tip: If the name you have listed when youโ€™re registering to vote matches the name on your driverโ€™s license - youโ€™re good!

Driver's license

This is used to confirm your identity. You may also need your driver's license number in certain voting scenarios.

Birth date

Also to confirm your identity. Did you know there are ~47,987 names John Smith's in the world?

Social security number

You should typically only need the last four digits, but its good to memorize this identification number.

Your physical address

This helps you determine your polling place. You will also be asked questions about the county you reside in. You may receive a voter registration card from the election office notifying you of your polling place.

โญ๏ธ Tip: Students and voters who may move around often should pay close attention to their place of residence in relation to election times! Be sure that when you register, you list the address in the county that you will be voting in!

Valid email address

Your email address helps you sign up for online voter registration.


Not always necessary, but it helps!

Cell phone number

There are a few dates to keep track of when it comes to voting (Election Day, the registration deadline, the deadline to update your registration information). Get direct messages sent to your phone to help you stay on top of everything.


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